Rollers fairleads

Every kind of fairlead has a frame with profiles on the side and strongly dimensioned top and bottom plates. The fairleads are provided with friction bearings. They can be produced from different materials adapted to the request and demand of the customer. The lubrication is done through the axes, at difficult reachable areas through the top end of the fairleads, and this way allows a frictionless working process.

Multi purpose chock

Multi-purpose chocks are available according to DIN 81915 in types A-E. They consist of cast steel GS 38, and can also be delivered in stainless steel.


Rollers are used to deflect mooring ropes on board of vessels. They can be delivered completly with socket (DIN 81907) or only with bolt (DIN 81906) for welding on an existing steel construction.


We produce double bollards according to DIN 82602 and DIN 82607, double cross-shaped bollards according to DIN 82603, single cross-shaped bollards according to DIN 82604, as well as special designs regarding to the customers request.